DateSet DateTime Column Problem

The Date Columns in the Datasets that are passed to a Remote Web Server or a Web Service in a time zone different from the time zone of the client, get converted to the equivalent local time. This may show a wrong date.

For e.g. Assume a DataSet 'dsFiling' that is populated through a WebService that is deployed on a Server with time zone as EST (GMT-5:00). Let 'dsFiling' have a Date Column, say 'QuarterFilingDate', and say the actual value in the DB is "30 SEP 2006". For a client in a time zone of (GMT+5:30), it would show as "29 SEP 2006".

To solve this problem, although the workaround provided by Microsoft at;en-us;842545 is good,
you could make it more easy , if you convert the dataset as Typed Dataset and convert the DateTime Column into String DataType. And Parse it into DateTime after u receive the string.

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