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How to use SortedList in

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;

using System.Collections;

namespace ConsoleApps


public class ClsSortedList


// create a SortedList object

SortedList mySortedList = new SortedList();

// add elements containing US state abbreviations and state

// names to mySortedList using the Add() method

public void MainFunction()


mySortedList.Add("NY", "New York");

mySortedList.Add("FL", "Florida");

mySortedList.Add("AL", "Alabama");

mySortedList.Add("WY", "Wyoming");

mySortedList.Add("CA", "California");

// display the keys for mySortedList using the Keys property

foreach (string myKey in mySortedList.Keys)


Console.WriteLine("myKey = " + myKey);


// display the values for mySortedList using the Values property

foreach (string myValue in mySortedList.Values)


Console.WriteLine("myValue = " + myValue);


// use the ContainsKey() method to check if mySortedList

// contains the key "FL"

if (mySortedList.ContainsKey("FL"))


Console.WriteLine("mySortedList contains the key FL");


// use the ContainsValue() method to check if mySortedList

// contains the value "Florida"

if (mySortedList.ContainsValue("Florida"))


Console.WriteLine("mySortedList contains the value Florida");


// use the Remove() method to remove FL from mySortedList

Console.WriteLine("Removing FL from mySortedList");


// get the key at index 3 using the GetKey() method

string keyAtIndex3 = (string)mySortedList.GetKey(3);

Console.WriteLine("The key at index 3 is " + keyAtIndex3);

// get the index of the element with the key "NY"

// using the IndexOfKey() method

int myIndex = mySortedList.IndexOfKey("NY");

Console.WriteLine("The index of NY is " + myIndex);

// get the index of the element with the value "New York"

// using the IndexOfValue() method

myIndex = mySortedList.IndexOfValue("New York");

Console.WriteLine("The index of New York is " + myIndex);

// replace the value of the element at myIndex with "New York State"

// using the SetByIndex() method

Console.WriteLine("Replacing the value New York with New York State");

mySortedList.SetByIndex(myIndex, "New York State");

// get the key list using the GetKeyList() method

Console.WriteLine("Getting the key list");

IList myKeyList = mySortedList.GetKeyList();

foreach (string myKey in myKeyList)


Console.WriteLine("myKey = " + myKey);


// get the value list using the GetValueList() method

Console.WriteLine("Getting the value list");

IList myValueList = mySortedList.GetValueList();

foreach (string myValue in myValueList)


Console.WriteLine("myValue = " + myValue);





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