New Relic Server Monitoring and Performance Dashboard

New Relic is a real-time performance dashboard that you install on your web server machine. EggHeadCafe is giving away a free license of Relic Server Monitoring in January. If you would like a chance to win, be sure to enter the drawing below:

Within the first minute after deploying the light-weight agent on your web server, New Relic will automatically begin sending data about the app's activity to New Relic's secure data center. Their analytics and reporting engines will process the data and make it available to you immediately. After logging into the New Relic web app, the service will immediately 'light up' with data about your application. From here you can customize your views, drill into slow transactions, and see inside your app. The engine captures a large amount of information in real time - information that is not provided by other application monitoring and statistics tools.

We installed New Relic for a test run on a Windows Server 2008 machine we run. Installation was a no-brainer, and within minutes we were able to see valuable information. New Relic currently monitors 242,929 Apps, captures 31 billion daily metrics, and has over 14,000 active customer accounts. The all-in-one web application performance tool lets you see performance from the end user experience, through servers, and right down to the line of application code. New Relic customers include names like Groupon, Mashable, Sears, Intuit and others.

New Relic offers support via email and online resources. Pricing is extremely competitive, ranging from the $24 monthly Standard deployment (for small projects) to the Pro at $149/month (the one we tested) and custom options for more complex environments. You get 24x7 App monitoring, 24x7 real user monitoring, performance troubleshooting, database performance, data retention and more.

The web-based account dashboard is well organized and allows you to view reporting on multiple categories of performance metrics in the following groups:

End User:
Average Response Time
Apdex scores
Web pages

App Server:
Web Transactions
External Services
Background Tasks

Transaction traces
Browser traces
Slow SQL

Web Transactions
Background jobs

The tool also offers a Settings area where you can easily configure desired settings and preferences. We found some of these reports and graphs to be extremely valuable as they enable you to pinpoint slow pages and transactions, graph and view them over time (including comparing with a previous time period), Page load time by country and state. You can view your server's average response time broken down by tier (NET CLR, Request Queuing and Database), and errors. You can even drill down into specific errors and view the stack trace, and you can view the end user's response times as well.

In a nutshell, we found New Relic to be the only dashboard that lets you keep an eye on application health and availability, real user experiences, server utilization, code-level diagnostics, and more.

New Relic allows us to tune page performance based on proven metric, tune and improve database transactions, and improve the availability and user-satisfaction of our sites. You can find out more about New Relic at their site and download a free, fully functional 14 day trial.

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