Using Templify To Automate Creation of Custom ASP.NET MVC Solutions

The philosophy of "Work Smarter, Not Harder" is a very simple mantra that can be described in three simple steps: Do, Recognise, Codify. Templify is a tool that helps you become more efficient as a developer, whether working alone or in a team.

In this previous article, I focused on how you can use Templify to set up an ASP.NET MVC solution using the S#arp Architecture infrastructure. S#arp Architecture provides a best-practices MVC implementation using NHibernate with Fluent, uses the Repository pattern, and sets up a project and folder structure that is sensible.

But you can also use Templify's "Templify This Folder" feature to customize your own ASP.NET MVC solution and convert it to a package in your Templify repository folder. What I have done here is to add the scripts and CSS for Twitter Bootstrap (recommended), Knockout JS, the latest version of jQuery (along with it's vsdoc companion)  as well as adding the ServiceLocator pattern with Windsor Container and ControllerFactory.

I also added a connection to the trusty Northwind SQL Server database, and  the requisite model, interfaces, ClassMap, repository, controller, View and ViewModel to display an Employees page as a kind of "sanity check" to ensure that everything in my template solution is working. I even have a little javascript alert in the Home page to show that jQuery was loaded correctly.  We then right-click on the project folder, and choose the "Templify This Folder" option. Fill in a few items, and you're done. Your package is deposited in your Templify repository folder and your package will now come up in the list when you right click on any new project folder you have created and choose to "Templify Here" on it.

All of your work will be faithfully reproduced and you end up with a fully working ASP.NET MVC 3 solution with everything you need already set up. All you need to do is start coding. Don't like S#arp Architecture? No problem. Set up a working template solution using anything you want - Entity Framework, whatever -, Templify it, and you're good to go. This is a great time saver for the active developer who shouldn't have to be spending their time looking for this script or that assembly just to get a new solution going.

You can download my SharpArchNHibernateBootstrapKnockout package and install it into your Templify repository folder. Of course, you'll need to install Templify first:

Then unzip and deposit the package below into your Templify "repo" folder:


Download custom Templify package

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