Copy Assemblies from GAC

How to copy an assembly from Global assembly cache and store it in different locations. This technique is very helpful in the scenarios like Web hosts not supporting the Ajax control web Extensions. In this way we simply need to copy the System.Web.Extension.dll which is stored in Global Assembly Cache GAC.

Command prompt Copy technique:
below image shows how to navigate the assemblies stored in Global assembly cache GAC. 

Here in above image we have copied the System.Web.Extensions.dll from GAC and stored it in C: drive later we will put in Ajax enabled web site so that it will support the Applications mounted on Shared host not supporting the 2.0 web extensions.

Browse by adding "\" after the assemblies: On some windows OS it works and for some os it dosen't.

For the OS on which you are unable to browse the folder as I shown here you can refer the Next technique for browsing the folder

For os Which dosen't supports the technique shown above.Folow below technique

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