Visual Studio .NET Architecture Templates

The downloadable code sample below shows you how to create base architecture solution / project file templates for ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, and Silverlight applications. The tool enables architects to give developers standardized base architecture for new applications.

The new project generator utility essentially iterates through a base architecture folder and creates a brand new set of solution, project, class, xaml, aspx, etc. files with all relevant aspects renamed based on the new project name and all project references left in tact.

The developer just launches the tool, provides a project name, and clicks to generate the new application.

Why should I use something like this?

The actual architecture is entirely up to you.  So, feel free to change it.  I like to use this technique to guide the development teams I have oversight of.  It ensures that naming conventions for assemblies are followed, various patterns are followed, and automatically implements all sorts of default classes and techniques applicable to the software we build.

How to use?

Download the tool and base architecture.  For ease of initial implementation, unzip the file to your C: drive as c:\EggHeadCafe. 

1.  Open the solution \Rename EggHeadCafe To My Company Utility\RenameEggHeadCafeToMyCompany.
     You should only need to use this project once.  Its sole purpose is to let you rename the EggHeadCafe files and folders to the name
     of your company.  Change line 34's _companyPrefix variable to the name of your company.  Run the project and confirm that
     the EggHeadCafe named files and folders were renamed to your company name.  Close Visual Studio .NET.

2.  Open the Executables\NewApplicationGenerator.exe.config file with your favorite text editor.
     Change the applicable EggHeadCafe references to your company name.  Save the config file.

3.  Launch Executables\NewApplicationGenerator.exe and select which application types you would
     like generated based on the base architecture.  Set the Project Name.  Click "Generate New Application".
     It should only take a few seconds to complete.  Confirm that the new application was generated as desired.

Base Architecture Tool  Download
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