Microsoft Commerce Server - Installation Guide

The installation process of commerce server is quite a tiresome job and the whole process is not comprehended clearly. So this article would be a clear step by step installation guide for Microsoft commerce server 2007


Download all the installation files from the following location.

1.      Open command prompt and do the following

·         Go to C:\inetpub\adminscripts>

·         Type C:\inetpub>cscripts adsutil.vbs set W3SVC\NtautheticationProviders “NTLM”


2.      Install the following four hot fix packages from the prerequisites folder.

1.      NDP20-KB913393-X86.exe

2.      ndp20-kb916002-x86 ( Hotfix).exe

3.      WindowsXP-KB912817-v2-x86-ENU.exe

4.      WindowsXP-KB920867-x86-ENU.exe


3.      Run Setup.exe

Click on Microsoft Commerce Server 2007

Enter User name and Organization on the Customer Information Screen.


4.      Select direct mailer and project creation wizard, and give next.


5.      Once the installation is over, give Finish.


6.      On the Microsoft commerce server 2007 configuration wizard give Next.

If you are not getting any welcome screen you have to go to All programs-->Microsoft commerce server 2007-->tools-->configuration wizard


7.      Next page click windows authentication and click next

8.      Give the login name and password on the Direct Mailer Service Account and give next and Finish.

9.      Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Go to security--> logins. Right click on logins and click new login. Give the username and password for creating a new user.(e.g. In login name type system name\Administrator and click search, In enter the object name textbox type the same login name and click check name, it will verify the name, then click ok. Similarly create account for Systemname\ASPNET and Systemname\Your Name).


10.  Then the name given will be displayed under logins, double click on it to go to login properties ,  go to user mapping and select direct mailer and click db_owner in the second grid, similarly click MSCS_Admin and its corresponding db_owner.






11.  Go to Starter site folder and run starter.pup file and check quick unpack and next

12.  After unpacking if successful you will get a alert box Commerce Server Site Packager, click ok. You will get unpacking completed message, click finish.

13.  Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Go to security--> logins.

Double click on ASPNET and you will get properties dialog box, click user mapping and check direct mailer, MSCS_Admin, MSCS_CatalogScratch, All starter sites and check their corresponding db_owner.(You have to do this one by one).

Similarly it must be done for system login and local Administrator.

14.  Installation of Microsoft Commerce Server Business User Application

Double click setup.exe.

In the welcome screen click Microsoft Commerce Server Business User Application.

Give next and Install.


15.  Go to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. You will find five web services. Right click on any web service --> Properties-->security and then click add. In textbox type OrgName\your login; System name\Administrator; System name\ASPNET and search name and click ok. Select “allow full control” and ok. Similarly repeat this for all web services.


16.  Run win2003_adminpak.exe

17.  Go to Run and type azman.msc. Authorization manager box will be displayed. Right click authorization manager--> open authorization store, browse for the xml files of catalogauthorizationstore, marketingauthorizationstore, ordersauthorizationstore, profilesauthorizationstore in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. All four will be displayed in left panel.


18.  Click catalogauthorizationstore.xml-->CatalogInventrySystem-->RoleAssignments-->CatalogAdministrator. Right click on that and assign windows users or groups. In text box type systemname\admin; systemname\ASPNET; OrgName\your login check names and click ok


            Similarly follow the above procedure for all four xml.

19.  Go to run and type inetmgr. Go to websites--> Default websites-->Right click--> Properties, Select ASP.NET tab, select version 2.0.50727

20.  Under default websites right click on orderwebservice--> properties--> select directory security, under the secured communication select edit and check the required secure channel check box.


            Similarly do for profile web service.

21.  Run iis60rkt.exe

Select Next--> Agree--> Next--> Next--> Select custom --> Select only self ssl from the list--> Next

22.  In command prompt go to C:\Program Files\IIS Resources\SelfSSL>selfssl /t /v:365 /s:1 /p:443

It will ask you for yes or no. type “y”


23.  Now Starter site is installed. To populate it with data, copy sampledataimport.exe to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Startersite

Go to command prompt and type

C:\>Sampledataimport.exe “C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Startersite”

24.  Access the starter site from the following location


Now the Commerce server is installed and the starter site is up and running.




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