FxCop – Part I (Introduction)

This will be a series of articles on FxCop, which explains from the basics to advanced usage of FxCop. This article is the first of them which gives an introduction to FxCop.

FxCop – Part I (Introduction)



It is a code analysis tool which analyzes the code and gives suggestions to improve coding.


It analyzes programming elements in targets, and provides an informational report that contains messages about the targets;

It can analyze either a dll or an exe.


They are nothing but managed assemblies.


Messages include suggestions about how to improve the source code used to generate them.


A rule is a code which analyses and finds defects and informs about it.

For analysis 2 things are required,

1.       Target assemblies

2.       Rules


Running FxCop

·         From GUI

After installation, you will have shortcut in Programs menu; you can start FxCop by clicking the       link.

·         Command Line

               You can run FxCop.exe with respective command line arguments to start it from command line.

Using FxCop you can do the following:

·         Manage Rules (decide which rules need to be applied to which assembly)

·         Apply Styles to Reports.

·         Filter and save messages.

·         And also you can save and reuse application settings.


Download Link


Similar Code Analysis tools:

StyleCop is another tool which does code analysis.

Difference between FxCop and StyleCop:

FxCop does code analysis over the binaries, whereas StyleCop does code analysis over the source code itself.

Latest Versions:

FxCop :  ver. 1.36

StyleCop : ver.

Steps to do an analysis:

1.       Run FxCop.

2.       File > New Project.

3.       Project > Add Targets.

4.       Select the desired assembly you want to analyze(it can either be a dll or an exe).

5.       If you have selected multiple assemblies then select any one of them ( the one you want to analyze first) and then click Project > Analyze  or press F5.

6.       Then it will display list of messages in the right pane.


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