Dr. Dotnetsky’s Cool .NET Tips and Tricks No.22

Dexter is back with more cool stuff.

Well, Kidzies, it’s me, Dr. Dexter Danger Dotnetsky,  back again for some more fun and games (by popular demand, of course).

Not much has changed since my last rant here in the eggosphere, other than that Twitter became popular with the .NET crowd. And, of course, SIlverlight 3 came  out. People have been making some nice Twitter clients with Silverlight, too. So I’m going to kick off a regular “kind of” weekly rant that focuses on some of the cooler Silverlight – related fineries out there – techniques, code, and links to nice blog posts and articles by a variety of talented Netizens.

For starters, there’s one right here in the eggosphere: Our own Bromberg teamed up with Silverlight (of the David version) and produced a right nice “Bing Search Widget”. Check it out! Oh, behave, Dexter!

Another adventure the Doctor really likes is a post by Rene Schulte, which compares the relative performance of WriteableBitmap with 5 different kinds of encoders, including the new PixelShader. He does this with an animated  interference pattern that is like so psychedelic, it will make your alpha waves exceed the speed limit and walk into a Black Hole!

The Silverlight SDK for Bing is up on Codeplex.com! Badda Bing!

Alex Golesh of Microsoft Israel has a nice post about how to perform a hit test.

Brad Abrams has updated his recent series to showcase Silverlight RIA Services with (gasp!) - NHibernate!

Tim Anderson has posted his work on converting Noah Hart’s 100% managed code port of SQLite to work in Silverlight. Very cool!

The Perst object database  also has a Silverlight version. Dr. Dotnetsky has tried it, and it works – with IsolatedStorage, on the client!

John Papa has a nice post about how he does Silverlight Swivel Behavior.

Scott Marlowe talks about Silverlight Unit Testing.

And here is a right nice post about how to share ASP.NET Session State with Silverlight.

Delay has a post about how to Re-Template the Silverlight/WPF Data Visualization ColumnDataPoint to add annotations.

Ailon shows how to change brush brightness here.

Jeremy Likness shows how to save Bitmaps to IsolatedStorage. Some really nice code there!

--And yet another implementation of a Silverlight Database on Codeplex! Not bad!

Another nice Delay post: How to animate the horizontal / vertical offsets of a ScrollViewer!

But Wait! If you call in the next ten minutes…

And finally, Microsoft’s Damien Guard has his ultra-cool LINQ To SQL Cheat sheet up!

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Now let’s see – what did I do with that nice cold Jean-Marc XO Martini, up with 2 olives…Ah, there it is - right next to my Gurkha His Majesty's Reserve cigar! Cya next week!

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