Dr. Dotnetsky's Cool .NET Tips and Tricks No. 25

The humble Doctor, Dexter Dotnetsky, is back again with some of his favorite mostly Silverlight related links.

Yes, it's getting close to that Pumpkin time of year! Even the weather in Hotsy-Totsy Central Florida turned cool this past weekend. Adults are all starting to do the things they shouldn't do this time of year, such as playing football, drinking too much beer, and what-not.

Here is my latest crop of favorite Silverlight - related links, voted on by user clicks!

EggHeadCafe Silverlight

Eggheadcafe.com’s Silverlight version. View / use Eggheadcafe in Silverlight!

Silverlight 3 WCF-Enabled CodeSnippet app with Amazon SimpleDb
Using the Amazon SimpleDb service with Silverlight

Big Spaceship | Labs Blog - Thoughts on Silverlight
Some impressions of Silverlight from an experienced Flash developer

CodeProject: Silverlight Behaviors and Triggers: Making a Trigger Action.
How to make a trigger action with Silverlight Behaviors

Open Source Software in Silverlight » ESRI ArcGIS Silverlight Toolkit
SIlverlight Toolkit for mapping.

All posts tagged 'imagebrush'
Display images in SIlverlight with ImageBrush

A Default Command for Silverlight - Bryant Likes's Blog
Using a variant of the RelayCommand to have default button behavior

Silverlight Quick Tip: ChildWindow Title Customization – DevCorner
SIlverlight ChildWindow Customizations

Silverlight SDK : Silverlight designer sample code is posted
Designer implementation for Silverlight’s TabControl and DataGrid controls in VS 2010

Bryant Likes's Blog - Faking the Initialized Event in Silverlight
Using BeginInvoke to trigger actions one time when control is loaded

Open Source Software in Silverlight
PowerPoint to Silverlight Converter

Use of hyperlinks inside text at Silverlight 3 - Sergey Zwezdin
How to display live hyperlinks inside displayed text.

Using Silverlight ImageBrush and BitmapImage to draw an image – Home
Codeplex project to use ImageBrush and BitmapImage

HackingSilverlight: Finally a Simple MVVM in Silverlight
Are you a Tard? Well then this simple MVVM model is for you!

Silverlight 3 Custom Sorting with Paging Support - Manish Dalal's blog
Just what it says – Custom Sorting with Paging – you need this!

Using RelayCommands in Silverlight and WPF
Another of Laurent Bugnion’s gems

Colour palette » Silverlight Buzz
Nice treatment of how to use Gradients with Blend

That's it for now! Have a great week, and some pumpkin pie too.

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