CryptoLicensing for .NET Product Review

You could win a free license of CryptoLicensing for .Net! It is a 100% .Net solution to add licensing, copy-protection and activation capabilities to .Net, Windows Forms (WinForms) and WPF applications, components and controls.

  • We tried CryptoLicensing and it does everything the vendor claims, plus more. This could be one of the most full-featured licensing components in the marketplace, and at $149 for the standard version, it could save you thousands of dollars in development costs, whether you need to create timed trial or evaluation licenses, feature-specific licenses, or any combination.

    CryptoLicensing offers a good balance of:

    • Military-strength security: Secure and unbreakable cryptographic licenses offer maximum protection to your software.
    • Ease of deployment: Fast, reliable, light-weight and simple API to integrate in your software.
    • Customer friendliness: Easy on your customers. Hassle-free activation and hardware locking scheme.
    • Functionality: Variety of licensing rules for the most common licensing scenarios.
      • Create cryptographic licenses for full versions of your software.
      • Create evaluation or trial versions.
      • Add online or manual activation and hardware locking.
      • On-demand licenses.
      • Subscription licenses.

    The product offers flexibility and is adaptable to suit your exact needs. It even creates a custom license service based on your inputs! All you do is deploy the service.

    Here are some screen shots of the UI:

    You can see that there are a number of features that allow you to create custom licensing schemes, deploy a licensing service, and more. The product offers the following functionality:

  • Latest cryptographic technologies used for license generation and validation which provides the highest security and copy-protection to your software.
  • Support for hardware-locked and activated licenses.
  • Support for floating licenses.
  • Every license code is guaranteed to be unique, even if you generate thousands of codes at a time.
  • Ready-to-use license server for
    • Activating licenses
    • Validating serials
    • Issuing on-demand licenses
    • Creating software subscriptions
    • Remote monitoring of software usage
    • Revoking licenses.
  • Support for evaluation licenses with various evaluation parameters such as
    • Absolute date/time after which the license expires.
    • Maximum usage days
    • Maximum unique usage days
    • Maximum executions
    • Maximum run-time
    • Maximum cumulative run-time
  • Support for up to 31 license features which allow enabling/disabling specific functionality in your software. A common use of this is to define 'editions' of your software such as a 'Standard', 'Professional' and 'Enterprise' edition.
  • Support for Winforms, WPF and Asp.Net control and component licensing with separate design-time and run-time licenses.
  • Support for embedding any amount of additional user-data in the license.
  • Supports licensing of .Net Compact Framework applications developed for Pocket PC 2003 and above, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Smartphones.

    The Generator offers these features:

  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Generate up to 30,000 licenses at a time.
  • Set up license settings profiles to quickly generate licenses for that settings profile.
  • Specify custom user-data via 'Data Fields' such as Name, Email, Company Name, etc.
  • Export license and serial codes to file.
  • Powerful post-generation processing support.
    1. Insert licenses in a specified template.
    2. Save generated licenses to a file in a specified format/template.
    3. Run external programs when a license is generated.
  • Plugin support allows you to perform your own processing or tasks whenever licenses are generated.
  • User data plugins allow you to enter your own user-data using your own UI or specify your own source for user-data.

    Finally, in the Enterprise version, you have a Generator API:

  • Generate license/serial codes via code.
  • Specify license features and capabilities via code and generate licenses/serials with those settings.
  • Simple and easy-to-use, yet powerful API.
  • Achieve any level of customization and integration in your license generation, sales/e-commerce and order-fulfillment process

    We like CryptoLicensing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in development time, for a couple of hundred dollars you can have a full-featured, extensible license generator and service. LogicNP Software, the creator of the product, has a Fortune 500 clientele.

    You can find out more about CryptoLicensing here.

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