EggHeadCafe Chat Chaos in Silverlight Released Today

Version 1.0 of EggHeadCafe's Silverlight duplex chat uses OpenID enabling non EggHeadCafe members to participate. The user interface acts like a giant convention where you can monitor hundreds of conversations, pick and choose the ones you want to participate in, as well as create your own rooms for you and your colleagues. We also support large messages making it a snap to send large code blocks to colleagues.

Voyuers who do not have OpenID accounts can just watch the conversations as they stream in or use our search filter to find conversations with certain participants or subject matter being discussed.

In the future, we are strongly considering making much of the Silverlight client available for people to customize and host on their own blogs while still being tied into the "chaos" using our chat service.

And, just to be clear, chat chaos is free.

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