Featured Product / Service Review: TekPub

Peter Reviews TekPub.com and their video tutorials for developers.

In these days of economic pullback, developers and the companies they work for are looking for ways to cut back on expenses like travel, and yet get the benefits of the kind of training and exposure one would get at a technical conference or seminar. One provider that is doing a nice job of bridging the gap is TekPub.

TekPub is a collaborative effort between the team of James Avery and Rob Conery, and the excellent authors that have worked with them to produce content.

The Tekpub idea is simple: Instead of writing technical books, TekPub produces easy-to-digest video content that can be viewed online, or even downloaded and viewed offline.

Rob Conery: recently worked at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team. He is the creator of SubSonic and was the chief architect of the Commerce Starter Kit.

James Avery is the founder and president of Zerk Media LLC, which runs The Lounge and Ruby Row advertising networks. James has been working with .NET since 2001 and has been a web developer since 1996. He has written books for Microsoft Press, Wrox, and O'Reilly Press, as well as articles for MSDN Magazine and Dr. Dobbs.

TekPub features some of the best and brightest authors in the industry. Oren Eini: Oren, aka Ayende Rahien, is experienced developer / architect focusing on the CLR and building business application and developer productivity frameworks and tools. Oren is an active member of several open source projects (NHibernate, Castle) and the founder of several others (Rhino Mocks, NHibernate Query Analyzer, Rhino Commons, etc). Dave Ward produced the jQuery series with James (and I understand from Dave as of March 3 2010, that another one is in the can).

I"ve viewed both the NHibernate TekPub series (with Ayende) and the jQuery series (with Dave Ward), and they are both of excellent quality. They take you through easy steps from the beginning - you can even code along while you're watching, which is what I did during the jQuery series, and the video chapters are progressive in difficulty from one to the next. The NHibernate series even has a complete downloadable source code solution up on GitHub.

This is really an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to learn new skills in the comfort of your home or office. The videos are packed with good information and they are *not* boring!

A yearly subscription - which includes all content - is $200; a monthly subscription is just $19. You can also purchase an entire indidivual series for between $12 and $30. Each video is like a separate "chapter" in a book. For example, the entire 5 - video jQuery series is just $25. New titles are coming on at a regular pace, check their site for the latest.

I can recommend TekPub and its content without hesitation. For more information, visit their site.

Note: Our special promotion with winners of TekPub subscriptions for the months of April, May and June 2010 is over. We had a lot of very happy winners! Thanks to TekPub for their participation.

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