Book Review: Excel 2010 - The Missing Manual [OReilly]

The Missing Manual could be the most comprehensive book about Microsoft Excel in the Universe.

Book Review: Excel 2010 The Missing Manual [O'Reilly]

We have a very active forum here on and one of the topics that is consistently a leader in posts and replies is the Excel topic. Microsoft Excel is used by millions of private and company users to handle everything from shopping lists to advanced multi-sheet financial calculation workbooks. And of course, most users never even scratch the surface, usually only learning what they must as a minimum.

That's why I was glad to see Matthew MacDonald's new book, "The Missing Manual". This is truly what I believe is the first really comprehensive book about Excel 2010.

The book is divided into seven parts:

1. Worksheet Basics

2.Formulas and Functions

3. Organizing Worksheets

4. Charts and Graphics

5. Advanced Data Analysis

6.Sharing Data with the Rest of the World

7. Programming Excel

Within these seven broad areas, there are a total of 29 detailed chapters that will take you from absolute novice to expert " ExcelSpert".

Overall, Matthew's book is very well organized, making it easy to use as a reference manual while you are working with Excel. The very first thing you'll learn is how to collapse the Excel Ribbon and even to use Excel 2003 shortcut key combinations (yes - they're still there).

I've done a lot of pretty fancy programming with Excel - including macros and entire VBA programs "behind the scenes" But I have to say, before I opened this book I must have been a complete novice -- this guy has packed more tips, tricks and information about Excel 2010 into "The Missing Manual" than anything else I've seen. The last chapter, "Programming Spreadsheets with VBA" is a real gem.

At 871 pages (including index), Excel 2010 - The Missing Manual is a real blockbuster for every user from Soccer Mom to CPA financial analyst. This remarkable book has a sticker price of only $39.95 - easily worth twice that price.

Highly Recommended. It even has a "Missing CD" you can download, and plenty of examples on the publishers site.

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