JustCode Visual Studio Development Add-In by Telerik

Enter EggHeadCafe's free drawing to win a free license of JustCode, a development add-in for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 that enhances .NET development productivity by providing fast solution-wide, on-the-fly code analysis and error checking, smart code navigation and refactoring features.

JustCode is a productivity add-in for Visual Studio offering the fastest solution-wide code analysis and error checking, refactoring, smart code navigation features, unit testing features and much more. Not only does JustCode provide the fastest code analysis for all supported languages, but is the only tool that offers extensive JavaScript support. JustCode provides features for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XAML, JavaScript and HTML and supports multi-language solutions.

Telerik created the features in JustCode knowing that programming requires many repetitive and recurring tasks. JustCode provides many ways to make these tasks simpler and easier, leaving the developer more time to focus on developing business logic.

Real Time Code Analysis

JustCode’s solution wide analysis feature is like having a compiler running all the time - the only difference is how much faster it runs. When modifying code the code analysis will show you all errors and warnings almost instantly. JustCode is invaluable when working with C# and VB.NET as it decreases the amount of times you need to compile to check for errors in your solution. JustCode continues analyzing your code after it has encountered an error and will provide a better list of all errors and warnings. This includes ASP.NET errors, HTML errors, and more. While the VS "Show live semantic errors" feature, introduced in VS 2008 SP1, can help a lot, it still only shows errors for currently opened files.

JustCode also provides commands to enable you to quickly and efficiently navigate through the errors and reduce the time it takes to resolve them.

Exceptional Navigation
You can “Goto” Definition, File, Type, Symbol and Member. JustCode offers much more extensive Find Usages and Find Commands than are available in the native Visual Studio IDE. Additionally, Just Code provides the Camel Case Search -- which lets you search by capital letters of compound names. You can even Locate a file in Solution Explorer, which is a superb time-saver for large solutions.

Code Creation
JustCode offers robust code generation for Duplicate Text, Create Property, Create Constructor, Add Stubs for required members, and Expand Selection.

JustCode’s Code Templates are reusable code snippets that allow you to quickly insert commonly used code fragments or surround given code fragment with a meaningful code block (example: try-catch statement).

Code Formatting
The Code Formatting feature lets you format your code against a set of rules defined either in the JustCode options or the Visual Studio default formatting options. Code Reordering allows you to reorder your code using specific rules thus keeping it clean and readable. And the Line Wrapping feature allows you to set the maximum characters per line, and when necessary it automatically hyphenates. This allows for greater adherence to the code standards for your team.

Code Refactoring
JustCode provides a number of refactoring commands to help you improve your code by changing its structure while retaining its behavior. Refactorings help simplifying your code, and improve its readability and maintainability. Refactorings include Rename, Introduce Field, organize and add missing Usings, Move Type to another file, Introduce Variable, Extract method, move-delete parameter, inline variable, and Rename File to match Type name.

Quick Fixes provide a fast and easy way to fix errors and warnings in your code, to help you fix them instantly. All Quick fixes are available once JustCode detects an unknown identifier or a mismatch in your code.

Selective Analysis
You can easily exclude files and projects from the code analysis provided by JustCode. That's important if your solution includes designer generated files (or other files) that you don’t have control over. Once you have excluded a file or a project no errors or warnings will be reported.

Typing Assistance
When you add an open bracket at the beginning of a line, JustCode will add the closing bracket for you at the end of the line, even if there is code. When you hit enter, the auto formatter will run. The typing assistant also adds a closing single, or double quote for you. Additionally JustCode automatically runs the auto formatter when you type a semi-colon, or adds a closing bracket at the end of a line.

JavaScript Support
JustCode provides various JavaScript features like code navigations, refactorings, quick fixes and others which can greatly improve the way you read, navigate or refactor JavaScript code.
Color Identifiers

When you have the “Color identifiers” feature turned on, JustCode will colorize local variables and functions in different color which significantly improves code readability as you can easily see what’s declared in the current file. Additionally when you know that something is declared in the current file, you can also find its usages, rename it or perform other code navigation or refactoring.

JavaScript Code Navigation
For the locally declared variables and functions JustCode provides some code navigation features which make navigating through your JavaScript code easier. Using JustCode you can navigate to the definition of a given identifier, find its usages or just highlight all occurrences of this variable / function in the current file.

JavaScript Code Refactoring
JustCode provides a set of refactorings that can greatly decrease the time spent for refactoring JavaScript code. You can rename variables and functions, introduce variables and fields.

JavaScript Code Creation
JustCode Code Templates are reusable code snippets that allow you to quickly insert commonly used code fragments or surround given code fragment with a meaningful code block (example: try-catch statement).

JustCode code analysis for XAML is very similar to the support provided for ASP.NET. However, XAML properties are annotated as well. In ASP.NET it's perfectly legal to type <prefix:MyControl MyProperty="Test" runat="server" /> where property "MyProperty" doesn't exist. The same is not valid in XAML, and JustCode will provide warnings for such cases. This helps when you refactor code which is referred to from the XAML (e.g. when you rename properties, remove properties, change the type of a property, etc.) as JustCode immediately shows the errors and warnings in all affected files.

For example, if you want to change the name of a property that is referred to in XAML files, instead of using Visual Studio's rename refactoring which won't rename the occurrences of this property in XAML, JustCode's code analysis will show warnings for all the occurrences that have not been renamed in the XAML, and you can quickly navigate through them and fix them one by one. In fact it is much easier to use JustCode's rename refactoring to rename all occurrences in both the C# and in XAML.

In working with JustCode in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE, I found it easy to use and customize. JustCode has its own top level menu item in the IDE, which makes it easy to dropdown a list of available features and see the keyboard shortcuts to use them. The Options menu allows for decent customization of the features you want, or easily turn off individual features.

There is a JustCode Telerik forum, and a lot of recent posts by users. Every single post that I checked had a response from a Telerik rep.

This is a quality product and I found it to "interfere" less while I am working than some competing products.

** Update.  Joe Burke has won the free license give away.

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