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Do you know a .NET developer who is out of work and needs some help improving their skills? EggHeadCafe has partnered with to give away 30 free 3 month subscriptions to their training videos for .NET Developers. If you are one of the winners, will permit you to give your subscription to someone else should you choose to. offers a broad range of professionally produced custom instructional and training videos for .NET Developers. Subscription prices range from $34.95 per month which includes all video content including certification videos, down to a free option that only requires registration.

*** Contest Ended November 30th 2011.

Registered users have instant access to all video content over the web on demand, from anywhere. The site is run by Ravi Nangunoori, a Microsoft MVP out of Vienna, VA.

I reviewed several of the premium content LINQ - related videos, starting with the LINQ - C# video, which covers a good basic discussion of LINQ to Objects in C#. The pacing of the videos is good, and the audio quality is excellent. This is a good video tutorial for developers just starting out with LINQ and covers most of the basics.

Next I reviewed 70-516, Accessing Data with .NET 4 via C#, which corresponds to Microsoft Exam 70-516. This covers System.Data.Linq and LINQ to SQL - The DataContext, mapping SQL Data Sources to CLR objects, the LINQ to SQL classes template,the Designer, layout files, Intellisense support, use of LINQ operators such as Take and Skip, and how to group data.

Part II of this offering for 70-516 covers InsertOnSubmit, InsertAllOnSubmit, the DataContext SubmitChanges method, use of stored procedures, dynamically generated SQL statements, updating data, and deleting data. Also covered are the use of primary keys, use of the UseRuntime wizard to map stored procedures, and more.

The site currently has 24 WCF - related video tutorials convering everything from an Introduction to WCF Services through contracts, Data Contracts, Message Contracts, and specific videos designed to oover the 70-513 exam series. Also covered are WCF Clients, Routing and Discovery, REST, Security Fundamentals, Behaviors, Hosting, and Transactions. also offers a broad range of free videos including a Daily FREE Video Tip, ASP.NET 4 Tips, Basic Reporting, Master / Details, Custom Formatting, and more.

Additional premium videos cover the 70-513, 70-515, 70-516, 70-519, and 70-432 MCTS test series with 20+ videos in each of the test categories. Team Foundation Server is also covered in great detail, as are a number of other important .NET and development - related topics.

Here are a few of the stated benefits of

* is created by an MVP and a team of professional who are in the trenches and encounter challenges in developing products using microsoft tools and technologies

* You can search for .NET videos using the SEARCH button on the site

* All of of the videos are bite sized (under 10 minutes) and focus on novice tools to latest Microsoft .NET tools and technologies with free as well as premium content

* They offer a daily free video tip for anybody to watch on the website that currently includes ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010, and plan to include productivity tips and many other topics to this category. Every registered user with our site can see last 5 daily tips once they login to the site

* They also offer five (5) free previews and five (5) free premium and 210+ ASP.NET 2.0 data tutorial videos to all registerd users at no cost

* They have over 100+ .NET interview Questions & Answers video series at present and several more interview questions and answers will be added in the near future. This will help many .NET developers to brush up their skills before an interview

* There are 5 Microsoft Certification Exam Preparation series (70-513, 70-515, 60-516, 70-519 & 70-432) videos that empower premium users instant mind dump on how to prepare for these test and achieve industry certified recognition and enhance their careers without researching volumes of content on the internet via braindumps or buying books spending endless days in preparation. No other competing site offers this series for .NET developers at an affordable price.

* They will have supplemental videos for Microsoft Certification Exams in the coming weeks

* They will have Deep Dive Videos on ASP.NET 4 in the coming weeks

* They have videos that are important any level of .NET developers such as Microsoft Enterprsie Library 5+ with ASP.NET, Virtualization Tecniques for Developers, Visual Studio 2010 Application Life Cyle (ALM) management (55 videos), VS 2008 ALM (30) videos, Novice to Professional Videos in C# and VB.NET

* Upcoming videos include latest technologies such as VS 11 ALM, VS11 with ASP.NET MVC4, Windows Azure, Visual Studio LightSwitch, Mango, MS 70-433 (SQL Server 2008 Developer), MS 70-583 (Windows Azure) Deep Dive Videos on ASP.NET 4, VS 2010 with Entitfy Framework 4+, a Demistifying series and Open Source tools with .NET.

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