SQL Server Table Variables To Eliminate Cursors

Here's a quick tip that allows you to duplicate the functionality of a cursor without using one in SQL Server 2000.

declare @RowCnt int
declare @MaxRows int
declare @Email nvarchar(255)
declare @rc int

select @RowCnt = 1

declare @Import table
rownum int IDENTITY (1, 1) Primary key NOT NULL ,
Email nvarchar(255)

insert into @Import (Email) values ('blah@blah.com')
insert into @Import (Email) values ('blahblah@blah.com')

select @MaxRows=count(*) from @Import

while @RowCnt <= @MaxRows

select @rc=0

select @Email = Email
from @Import
where rownum = @RowCnt

print @Email

Select @RowCnt = @RowCnt + 1



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