BOOK REVIEW: Super SQL Server Systems [Rampant]

Review of Joseph Gama and P.J. Naughter's new book about SQL Server Extended Stored Procedures

Super SQL Server Systems, by Joseph Gama and P.J. Naughter, is a book whose title, while certainly "on the mark", could be misinterpreted. What this book is really about is Extended Stored Procedures - what they are, how they work and how to write them. Although the book has a chapter on SQL Server 2005 CLR-hosted coding, as well as an excellent SQL Server Database Tutorial chapter and a tutorial chapter about stored procedures as well, the real thrust of the book revolves around the xp_XXX Extended Stored Procedure model, which is chiefly written in C++.

To that end, the authors provide an extensive tutorial and library for developers to get started writing extended stored procedures. Among other features, it covers the ODS API, Parameter Management, and Data Management.

The intended audience for this book is C/C++ Programmers who want to learn about database programming and database administrators and programmers which need more performance, functionality and versatility from SQL Server.

This book covers most everything about extended stored procs - How to build them how to install them, how to test them. These are just some of the example extended sproc dll's you can build from the book:

  • Network Messaging: xp_netsend
  • SMTP Mailing: xp_smtpsendmail
  • NT Event Log: xp_ntlog
  • Disk Logging: xp_disklog
  • Audio Notification: xp_notify
  • HTML Encoding: xp_htmlencode
  • Cryptography: xp_cryptoapi
  • Random Data: xp_rand
  • Ini file Manipulation: xp_ini
  • Free Disk Space: xp_diskspace
  • CPU Usage: xp_cpuusage
  • Raw Sockets: xp_rawip
  • GIS Data: xp_gis
  • Regex: xp_regexp
  • Multiple Use: xp_serverreachable
  • Astronomy: sp_astro
  • IP Configuration: xp_ipconfig
  • Scripting: xp_runscript
  • -- and much more.

For this particular subject matter, this could be the only book out there that covers this information so completely. In fact, I cannot remember ever seeing another book that deals specifically with extended stored procs in such depth.

The only thing I didn't find in this book was xp_MSMQ. However, there are at least two xp_MSMQ extended sprocs out there, one that uses native C++ and the other that wraps the .NET System.Messaging namespace.

In addition, the authors provide a complete C++ framework to make xp_XXX extended stored procedure authoring much easier. Recommended. All the code (if you'd like to examine some) can be found at

590pp, including index. Sticker price: $49.95

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