Dr. Dotnetsky's Holiday Vodka Mojito

Dr. Dotnetsky visits to wish everyone good Holiday cheer and share one of his favorite (you guessed it!) Vodka drink recipes, specially concocted for developers!

The Mojito was born in Havana, and quickly became Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink (although some say he favored the Daiquiri).

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is associated with any number of cocktails, but perhaps none more so than the Mojito. The drink was invented at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba, where Hemingway drank them.

So did Brigitte Bardot, Nat King Cole, Jimmy Durante, Erroll Flynn and countless others.

Dr. Dotnetsky, in a true lateral-thinking epiphany, realized that the Mojito does not need to be made with rum, any more than a Martini must be made with Gin. Hence, the Dr. Dotnetsky Holiday Vodka Mojito!

Try one. Hey, try two! It will make you a better developer!


1.5 oz quality Vodka (Chopin, Grey Goose, or even Svedka if you are on a budget)
5 mint leaves
1 Fresh lime
1 oz simple syrup (just sugar in water, mixed till its dissolved)


*Muddle the mint and simple syrup in the bottom of a Collins glass

Fill with crushed ice

Add the vodka (Mmmmm the best part!)

Squeeze some of the lime juice (save lime for garnish)

Top with soda water

Stir to mix.

Garnish with mint sprig or lime wheel.

Thank the Lord your ass hasn't been blown up by terrorists, and praise the Troops who are protecting it.


Dr. Dotnetsky says, "Programmers should read some Hemingway, as he is a good model for what quality programming stands for. He used the fewest words, he chose them carefully, and he edited his work constantly until he was 100% satisfied with it."

*Muddle means, "Mashup". You can use a spoon, if you don't happen to have one of those fancy bar tools.

Cheers, and a happy 2007!
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