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I'm interested in hearing from people who might be interested in discussing a career with Microsoft. I'm attaching the current opportunities, if interested email me your resume and we can talk further. Are you able to paint a vision using technical architectural concepts and turn them into customer solutions? Are you passionate about winning the hearts and minds of developers by creating a strategy to attract the next generation of software architects? Would you like t

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Biography - Sean Fleming
A technically savvy corporate staffing consultant with 10+ years of recruiting technical and business professionals for a range of organizations in 3 countries. Presently I support our elite marketing business at Microsoft, however often support other areas with much more technical demands. I am a technology geek first and foremost, and although I have never really built strength as a developer, I understand the high level makeup of often quite complex technical environments. In my spare time I find ways to spend my money on the latest gadget, building and expanding my home media experience (HTPC's, Media Servers and some automation). I am married with a one year old baby daughter.