How to troubleshoot windows vista slow working

As I have seen many times the question about that why windows vista working very slow and its takes long time to start up. Heere is my on field knowledge share how to make windows vista working fast by simple congiguration setting.

But One thing is important that you have to check many thing to troubleshoot this problem.
1) Vista runs slow because of registry error or other system errors. In most of the cases say 90 % time it is because of registry error windows vista work vary slow. Per Some other Checklist for why windows Vista slow performance :-
1. Machine meets minimum hardware requirements
2. Clean Installation of windows vista instead of upgrade (Avoid upgrade)
3. Latest Drivers for hardware - Try DriverQuery, or check manufacturer site.
4. Sleep and Hibernation
1) system must have minimum hardware configuration
CPU - 1.7 GHz, RAM - 1 GB, Graphics card - 128 MB (256 best) andDisk - 80 GB
2) clean installation instead of upgrade from XP
If It require to upgrade, then first install the Vista Upgrade Advisor and then follow every instruction given by upgrade advisor. Otherwise your upgrade to windows Vista will result in vista slow perfomance.
3) install latest drivers for your hardware Got to command prompt and check the version of drivers
Type following command:
DriverQuery /?
DriverQuery /v
DriverQuery /v /fo list
DriverQuery /v /fo csv > driverq.txt
Search latest driver from manufacturer's site.
4)Vista Firewall
If you have network connectivity and issue from Vista to the other computer or server.
Instructions to Turn Windows Firewall Off Click on:
Click on Start - setting -Control Panel
• Network Connections
• Network and Sharing Center
• Windows Firewall
• Turn Windows Firewall on or off (Left Panel)
Disabling firewall is a temporary solution.
Sleep and Hibernation
vista work slow when emerged from either sleep or hibernation.
Try some simple check list
Check the Task Manager (Press Ctrl +Shift +Esc), Processes Tab. Anything suspicious?
If virus checker is active all the time then it may slow down computer.
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