Remote Access Connection Manager Service On Windows 2000 Server

Solution of this problem: the Remote Access Connection Manager service doesn't start on windows 2000 server.

First of all remove the service with the utility: SRVINSTW.EXE. Then clean also device part of the service using hardware wizard (find the device checking the box hidden devices).
Go to a Windows 2000 server where the service "Remote Access Connection Manager" is working properly and save the key: HK_LocalMachine\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\RASMAN (do it with Regedt32 and no other one).
Always using SRVINSTW.EXE install the rasman service on the server you just removed it (use "Rasman" as service name and "c:\winnt\system32\svchosts.exe" as path to service, set it to start manually).
Last step is to open regedt32 an restore on "HK_LocalMachine\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\RASMA" the Key saved fron the other server.
Restart the server and Enjoy :)
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