Visual Studio .NET 2008 - Speed Up XAML Load Times

Do your XAML files load up in Visual Studio .NET 2008 as slow as mine? Here is a workaround that might help.

Visual Studio .NET 2008 is an extreme disappointment for me.  Its performance is attrocious and the XAML designer support is "weak" to say the very least... "pathetic" if one were to be honest.

The designer is so bad I almost never use it.  In fact, I never drag and drop controls from the toolbox.  I just rely on my knowledge of the tags and intellisense in the XAML editor.

What infuriates me is that people on the Visual Studio .NET development team put this app through the testing phase, watched this poor performance again and again, and then said "looks good to me... ship it".

I've found that just simply opening the XAML files in XAML mode still takes forever... 

To get back some of the lost hours of watching/waiting for it to load, I tried opening up the toolbox and removing every single tab (common, general, and everything else) to the point that there was absolutely nothing in the toolbox.

As it turns out, my hunch was right and this does speed up the load times.  Of course, if you work with the designer and need drag and drop functionality on the controls at design time, this tip won't help much.
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