.NET string.Split("::") Bug With Duplicate Delimiters

In all my years of programming in C#, I've never run across this nice little bug in string.Split() and duplicate character delimiters.

Until today, I never realized the .Split method of the string object didn't support splits on
duplicate delimiters like :: or ||.   You have to use RegEx and escape any RegEx specific
characters that might be apart of your pattern. 
string[] text = null;

string test = "Note:  This is a string of text :: delimited by a double semi-colon.";

text = test.Split("::".ToCharArray());

Debug.WriteLine(text[0] + "   " + text[1]);

text = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(test, 

Debug.WriteLine(text[0] + "   " + text[1]);

This code yields the following:

Note This is a string of text
Note: This is a string of text delimited by a double semi-colon.
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