A Quick way to navigate in the HTML Editor in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 Editors

There is a easy way to navigate between the Design View and HTML View of an any designer page. Designer Pages include ASPX, XAML etc.

We spend a lot of time on navigating in the HTML View of ASP.NET Pages that have too much of HTML to find some little details.

Same issue is faced on the XAML designer pages and their xml content too.

Visual Studio 2005, and 2008 IDE provides new features that allow you to navigate very quickly around the HTML Page.

Let's take an example of an HTML Page with lot of content in it.

Go to the Design-View of the page, and select any control or section for which you want to see the HTML. And now click the 'Source' tab and you can notice that the corresponding text is automatically highlighted.

Additionaly, you could also try out the same trick with the Source View to Design View.

Keep the Cursor in the HTML code of a control, and then switch the Source View to Design View. And you can see that the Control is selected and its properties are listed in the Property Window too.

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