Pete's Real Jewish Nuclear Bomb Vegetarian Chili
[Beta 2 Version]

By Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D.

Peter Bromberg  

In the spirit of the Holidays, I thought it would be a nice gesture to post my secret family recipe for vegetarian Chili that's been handed down over several thousand years by members of the Bromberg Tribe. This is great food for programmers, all the endorphins released into your brain by the cayenne and other pepper - type ingredients will enable you to solve virtually any programming challenge in near- record time! Wishing you a happy and productive 2002!

Pete's Real Jewish Nuclear Bomb Vegetarian Chili 

         Six large tomatoes, cut up in chunks
         One large can stewed tomatoes, DRAINED
         One large Onion, sliced
         Two large Green peppers, sliced
         One large Red pepper, sliced
         Two large cans black beans
         Two large cans dark red kidney beans
         Six large roasted jalapeno peppers, diced (canned is OK)
         Plenty of Mexene chili powder (you decide how much by taste)
         Fresh cilantro, chopped (about 20 stalks should be right)
         One large can tomato sauce
         One can tomato paste
         One 16 oz can beer
         4 squares unsweetened Baker�s chocolate
         Three or four large cloves of fresh Elephant Garlic, diced
         Coriander seed (optional)
         Cayenne Pepper (optional)
         Cumin Powder (optional)
         A cup of raisins (optional)
         Six tablespoons extra-virgin Olive Oil
This stuff is HOT, man!

Throw a VERY BIG pot on the stove, turn up the flame, and throw in the Olive oil, the garlic, and the onions.Stir so as not to burn until the garlic and onions have started turning brown.

Throw in the green and red peppers and continue to cook until they are nice and soft. Now throw in the chopped tomatoes and cook some more.��

Throw in the tomato sauce and� of the tomato paste, and the chopped jalapeno peppers.Throw in the cilantro. Stir it all up good, you don�t want it to burn.Throw in the stewed tomatoes.

If it�s starting to look like its getting cooked (about 20 � 30 minutes), then throw in all the beans, some of the beer, and the chocolate and as much of the Mexene chili powder as you dare (a good start would be six heaping tablespoons [I did say �Nuclear Bomb�, didn't I?] , unless you plan on using the optional cayenne, coriander and cumin).

You want to cook this so it looks like it�s almost ready to boil,�(but not so high that the bottom layer burns) stirring it up good from the bottom every two minutes.You want it to thicken up so it really looks like it has meat in it (believe me, when you tell people this is NO FAT VEGETARIAN, they won�t believe you). If it�s too watery you can add the rest of the tomato paste, or even throw in a whole new can of paste.�� If you�ve really screwed up and its still too watery, you can throw in some cornstarch. But --don't worry! It always comes out right!

If it�s too thick, throw in more beer. If it�s not NUCLEAR HOT, then throw in more chili powder, jalapenos, cayenne, coriander, etc.I even put Louisiana Garlic Hot Sauce in mine, gives it a unique �winey� taste. Don�t forget to throw in your raisins last. You can even throw in some chopped nuts, gives it a nice crunch. Walnuts or Pecans are great.

After this stuff has cooked about 45 minutes to an hour, turn off the heat. You are done.

Serve PETE�S NUCLEAR BOMB CHILI with some grated cheese and / or sour cream dolloped on top and bread or garlic bread on the side.If people complain it�s too hot, then serve some over rice for them. This goes down great with ice cold beer. You can eat two big bowls of this, and you�ll wake up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. This stores great in a covered plastic thingy in the Fridge, and people tell me it actually tastes better on the second and third day after being reheated. Feeds six or more, its a whole meal.

Peter Bromberg is an independent consultant specializing in distributed .NET solutions in Orlando and a co-developer of the developer website. He can be reached at