Cool .NET Tips and Tricks No.1
By Dr. Dexter Dotnetsky
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Dr. Dotnetsky
Dr. Dotnetsky

Howdy! It's Dr. Dotnetsky, back again for some fun and cool ideas, with my first (and somewhat abbreviated) installment of Cool .NET Tips and Tricks!

Customize Toolbox default TAB

Are you tired of waiting for all the COM Components to load into the default COM Components TAB every time you want to customize the toolbox for a server control? You can easily change it so the .NET Framework Components TAB will be the default.

Just delete the Registry key:


and move it to the adjacent     \.NET Framework Controls key.

Once you've deleted it, double-clicking the following registry script (saved to a text file with a .REG extension) will do the trick:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\7.0\ToolboxPages\.NET Framework Components]


If you are the deep philosophical type who loves to take tests that reveal your inner psche, why not take the "Which OS are you test!

Saving Code Snippets

Do you have a frequently - used snipped of code you'd like to be able to insert at various places in your ASP.NET project? Or perhaps you'd like to remove an area of code but save it in a convenient place so you can bring it back later? Just highlight the code in the IDE with your mouse, and DRAG it over to a blank space in the Toolbox! To bring it back and insert the code, just drag and drop it back into the editor from the Toolbox!

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