Jon Wojtowicz
Chattanooga, TN

OBJECTIVE: Software Engineer / Project Lead Developer / Senior Software Developer
  • 4 years experience software requirements gathering
  • 6 years experience designing and developing web and Windows based applications (DHTML, JavaScript, XML, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server 7/2000, ASP.Net, and C#)
  • 9 years development experience with Visual Basic
  • 4 years experience with .Net (VB.Net and C#)
  • 13 years experience in project management (engineering)
CERTIFICATIONS: Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Application Developer
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (SQL Server 7.0 & 2000)
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (Visual Basic 6.0 & .Net)
Microsoft Certified Trainer
EXPERIENCE: December 2003 Present
"Large Insurance Company", Chattanooga, TN
Systems Analyst
  • Provided internal .Net training in C# (ASP.Net, WinForms, Web Services).
  • Provided Developer support in resolving application and deployment issues. This included analyzing memory dumps of ASP.Net crashes and code analysis.
  • Developed departmental and enterprise shared libraries. This included encryption, logging and a shared application launcher. This work also included .Net to COM as well as COM to .Net interop.
  • Participated in defining architecture design and best practices.

  July 2002 December 2003
Intellithought, Inc. Kingsport, TN
Sr. Consultant
  • Developed a web based application for annual business planning. The application was developed using ASP.Net, VB.Net and SQL Server 2000. It incorporated custom server controls and user controls to provide a uniform look and feel across multiple data views. The application integrated with the existing SAP system using web services to provide a more intuitive and automated environment for business planning. The application was developed on a tight schedule to be deployed prior to the start of the current planning cycle.
  • Provided scope definition, data modeling and developer documentation for project tracking / time entry application for an engineering company. I acted as lead .Net developer for development team utilizing ASP.Net, VB.Net and C#.
  • Modification to e-commerce sites to correct deficiencies in original design. This included migrating data from Access to SQL Server for improved data integrity and reporting

  March 2002 July 2002
Contech Construction Products Inc. Middletown, OH
Part Time Contractor
  • Provided scope, requirements and effort estimation documentation for the migration of an existing FoxPro order entry application to a centralized web based ERP system. I created the data model, designed the architecture and created prototype order entry screens. The architecture relied heavily on DHTML, client side XML and validation through web services.

  July 2001 Feb. 2002
Quilogy , Mason, OH
Sr. Consultant
  • Microsoft led CRM software project for the automotive industry. This was an upgrade of a web-based application from ASP to Microsoft .Net technologies and SQL Server 2000. As a member of the Client Management team, I developed across all tiers using ASP.Net, VB.Net and C#. Web pages incorporated DHTML and JavaScript client side scripting. The application incorporated security and workflow details. Work was completed on a tight schedule.
  • Modified web based time entry system to correct deficiencies and increase responsiveness. Utilized ASP, VB6, COM for development. I incorporated XML to enhance data transfer/storage. Improved responsiveness by an order of magnitude while incorporating new enhancements and correcting deficiencies.

  March 2001 July 2001
ABA Software, Burlington, KY
  • Developed client/server desktop medical billing application with and SQL Server 2000.
  • Provided requirements gathering and solution architecture for a client server medical billing application. I developed the data model, security model, form templates and component design. I incorporated n-tier design for single user or network installation.

  Sep. 1999 March 2001
Quilogy, Mason, OH
Sr. Consultant
  • Developed web-based medical form pricing and sample request application using n-tier architecture. Web pages were developed using DHTML, HTML and ASP for product pricing input and display. All administrative functions accessed through web pages including user information, contact information, company news and to-do lists. Incorporated sample request workflow and approvals. I migrated existing pricing information from Excel to SQL Server. Developed database tables and stored procedures for data access. Middle tier COM components were developed in Visual Basic.
  • Developed web-based medical equipment tracking application using n-tier architecture. Web pages were developed using DHTML, HTML and ASP for tracking instrument status and repair in a medical facility environment. Developed database tables and stored procedures for data access. Middle tier COM components were developed in Visual Basic for use in MTS.

  Aug. 1994 - Sept. 1999
AO Smith Corporation Water Products Company, Florence, KY
Process Engineer
  • Developed a batch weighing system for glass manufacturer. Integrated Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with a control PC. Formula sheets written in Excel. Used Visual Basic to read in formulations and transfer to PLCs. Data transfer was accomplished by DDE. All completed batch weights were stored in Excel format for ISO 9000 compliance. This resulted in reduced scrap costs.
  • Developed process monitoring/control systems using a combination of Visual Basic, Intellution Fix software and Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers. Systems included pollution control, spray lines, quench water and smelter operation. This resulted in reduced utility cost and better process control.

EDUCATION: Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
BS Computer Science 1999

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL
BS Ceramic Engineering 1982
Continuous Improvement Team Member Training Quality Through Teamwork
Interpersonal Relationships Interviewing
Communications Team Approach to Problem Solving