Pete illustrates a technique to make automated "plain copy" Registry backups using the VSS Shadow Copy service and the VSHADOW.EXE utility.
How to create a Sitemap from a database table with the SqlSitemapProvider and use it to populate your web site's TreeView Navigation Control, with SqlCacheDependency built in.
Peter shares what he believes are the top 10 .NET Technologies to focus on for developers, starting this year.
If you have a discussion forum or other database - enabled service on your site that accumulates significant amounts of textual data, and you want to provide users with a powerful way to search this content based on words or sentences, then the SQL Server Fulltext query engine could be just the thing for you.
Many .Net developers have been using since it first appeared on the scene after being directly ported from the JAVA lucene offering around 2004. This is an entry - level tutorial to get you up to speed quickly.
Common causes of poor performance in SharePoint are combination of large lists with an inefficient view or custom solution. As a SharePoint administrator it could be a challenge to monitor all pages in your site. In this article I will show you how to identify slow loading pages and views.
Export to Excel is one of the most important features that business users ask for. At client side. we generally use HTMLProjects which does not work with Office 2007. Here is the alternative for the same, and the script works fine for all the versions of MS Office on Windows OS.
Learn how to check if a value is a valid number.
more tricks
Command Prompt Here with VS.NET Environment
Recently one of our readers and I went back and forth via email about putting together a little app that he wanted his mother to be able to use that would retrieve her current IP address and email it to him, so that he could remote to her desktop to help her out with whatever computer problem she may have been having.
This quick tip demonstrates how to get the total rows as part of the paging query as well as how avoid a common coding error with joins that can harm performance. It also provides a faster alternative to the SQL Server's paging syntax using TABLE variables.
This small code sample demonstrates how to use Enum values in your XAML files. It also includes how to set the image source property in your xaml files to image resources in different assemblies such as the BusinessLogic assembly in this sample.
A short summary with examples on Parallel and PLINQ
I've been doing a lot of work with Dapper - the micro ORM - and had been using a modified T4 template that originally came with PetaPoco to generate my POCO classes from all the tables in a database, but what I really wanted was something that would generate classes from a stored procedure. With Dapper, you have the MultiMapper query that can process SQL statements which return multiple resultsets, and usually I shape such mapping queries via a stored proc.
Because I have switched over to Visual Studio.NET 2003 exclusively, (I've wiped 2002 off all my boxes already!) I realized there would be times that I needed to convert Solutions and projects back and forth between versions. So, not being one to reinvent the wheel, I searched around and found this article and code by "Dacris" . In that article, he explains the necessary steps to convert .soln, csproj, .vbproj, .resx etc. files from one version to the other.
Exporting GridView Data to Excel Sheet in ASP.NET is a common task for many Applications. In this article I am explaining problem and solution for this task.
It's time to be "movin' on up" with Framework 3.5 and LINQ to do old things in a brand new way! Consume the New York Times's OPML feed of featured feeds into an XDocument, get the feeds with a LINQ Query, then mash-up only the latest feeds and publish with Syndication Framework.
This article illustrates the different scenarios and techniques of exception handling when working with tasks.
Since Silverlight has no concept of "ADO.NET", DataReaders, DataSets or SqlConnections, it needs to work with data "over the wire" via WCF and ASMX webservices, usually in the form of typed Generic Lists or ObservableCollections. This is all XML.

New Questions

I making an html editor in Win form using web browser control . I have to apply style on Selected Para (p tag) [ Getelementbytagname("p")]. Have got the selected P tag using" mshtmltextrange" from the document now i have get all the style element of the paragraphs one by one and if it have certain style i.e-Text-Indent:-15 Px or Margin-left:15 Px (This Style is &...
I am using the following to read the files from the FTP root location. FtpWebRequest Request = (FtpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(FtpServer); Request.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.ListDirectory; Request.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(UserID, Password); &nb...
For this calendar for May 2015, the previous months dates (that overlap in May's calendar) are greyed out. Also, in column G, rows 8 and 10, I have included a formula to (cell G8) add one day from the last work day in the previous month and (cell G10) subtract a day from the last work day in the previous month, however, the number is greyed out. Try as I might, I canno...
I guess this is probably a question that can be answered before it is finished being written: in general it is better to execute procedures wherever possible in a SP vs. module-level code with sql statements, no?
In my C#.Net 4.0 project,am getting below build error even after adding C:\windows\Microsoft.Net\assembly\GAC_MSIL\System.Threading\v4.0_4.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a\System.Threading.dll in the project. Please advise on resolving this. Error 256 The type 'System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'S...
Hello. I want to know that the insertion of multiple row is faster in MVC Razor Webgrid than gridview. If yes then how much ?
Have to develop a front end for a database in a lan/shared folder environment. Would like go the browser front-end route, but I've never done and not sure which type of project to undertake in VS. I've only horsed around with way back.
Hi, I right clicked on a Table to look at it's properties. However I accidentally clicked 'Convert to local table' and it carried out the action. I shut the database down without saving, but it's KEPT the conversion and I don't know what the implications are or how to convert the Table BACK to whatever it was before (yellow table icon, now blue/white table icon). Help!
I've done a conditional formatting rule which says =$f$7="Essential" then apply blue formatting to =$B$7:$P$7 I've tried to copy it down to the remainder of the columnF cells but it won't copy properly. I don't want to set each one individually - how do I make it apply to the entireF column where the word 'Essential' is in there?  ...
Running Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 64bit OS Have IMAP email - getting an error message saying cannot connect to server Checked the server, it is not down All other computers in the office are still getting their email - cannot seem to figure out the issue with mine.
I have read data from excel and saved into dataset. here i have been trying to write dataset data into .prn file. i have been searching many sites, i didn't find even one piece of code about writing data into .prn file. if any one know how to write data into .prn file, share the knowledge.
Hi all, I need an image viewer in my ASP.Net website, What I do is, I load a gridview with list of images (thumbnails) and when user clicks on any image I'm supposed to show original image in an image viewer with download, rotate etc options. Could anyone please suggest any latest plugin or control for achieving this...? -Rajesh
Basically I want to preview a pdf or word file attached to the record when the record is selected in MS Acess . Thanks in advance.
Hi All, i want to get date dd/MM/yyyy format but am getting dd-MM-yyyy format , i tried with var currentDate1 = DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");-- this also giving the data dd-MM-yyyy format. 2) and tried with another option System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo MyDateTimeFormatInfo = new System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo(...
Hi, I m using andriod studio tool. While debugging, Im getting the following error: error: cannot find symbol variable textstatus in Please suggest Regards
Cake Form </script&g...
Hi All, Please note, I am trying to open pdf from the local drive using code below frmCntrl.Attributes.Add("Src", "C:/ShortcutKeys.pdf"); Upon executing I am not getting any error message, but nothing is loaded in the IFrame space. Could any one please help me how to resolve...
Hi guys I make program to select data every day automatically by timer every second in c# In sql server 2005 i write the following query ALTER proc [dbo].[JeddahSalesAll] as SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY dbo.[Jeddah-Live$Sales Header].No_) AS [S.N], dbo.[Jeddah-Live$Sales Line].[Document No_] AS 'OrderNo', dbo.[Jeddah-Live$Sales Header].[Bill-to N...
Afternoon guys Wonder if someone can help me. I have a application that populates a datagridview based on sql search results. The datagrid view is populated with the information of students who have attended a course. e.g. Student name and course name. I also have code that goes through and word document certificate template and replaces <<STUDENTNAME...