How to I get a reference to a browser window I've opened up and set focus on one of its controls?
This article describes about one of the performance issue with ListView in Xamarin forms and how to overcome by providing the native or platform specific implementation with custom renderers.
This article describes about the styles and triggers in Xamarin forms. As like WPF and windows apps, styles can be defined in ResourceDictionary with set of triggers.
This article describes about the Background Task in Xamarin Forms UWP. This background task provides the functionality when the app is suspended (in background) or not running.
This article describes how to use the SQLite database in Xamarin Forms with proper locking approach and DB version upgradation mechanism while updating to new app versions.
This article describes the localizing Xamarin.Forms apps with resource files and get the device culture from windows devices. The resource .RESX files containing translated strings which are embedded in Xamarin.Forms assembly.
This article describes the ListView data binding with multiple data/item templates in Xamarin Forms. Since this feature is being implemented in Xamarin forms, it works in all the platforms windows, android & ios.
This article describes the Cryptography (Encryption & Decryption) mechanism to be implemented in Xamarin forms which can work for all the platforms - Windows, Android & ios.
This article describes Custom Renderers for customizing the appearance and behavior of Xamarin.Forms controls.
This article describes how to detect the network connectivity status and time zone changes in Xamarin forms in all the three (Windows, Android & ios) platforms.
This article describes about basic architectural setup required to start working with Xamarin Forms project in MVVM design pattern. As you are aware, if you have Xamarin forms project, it should run in all (Windows, Android & ios) the platforms with minor platform specific code changes if any.
This article will demonstrate making a real-time messaging app using SignalR and AngularJS using Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.
This article will demonstrate using Cortana and voice commands to activate and launch a Universal Windows app.
This article describes about the caching technics and its implementation in angularjs.
This article describes about how to make multiple async service calls in angularjs and show the progress during the service calls execution.
This article describes about the Globalization and Localization (multilingual) support for the website in angularJS and MVC.
You must have seen Facebook, Twitter and all similar social apps and wondered how live it is when someone comment, like or tweet you get that thing at that moment. Well its lot easy to develop similar things using Firebase. Exciting? Lets develop our first app!
Prism 6 is the current ported version of Prism for Universal Windows apps for Windows 10. In this article we will see how to setup a basic wiring for Prism and Hamburger menu. You can think of it as Master page in or Shared view template for MVC or as a basic template for Prism + Hamburger app development in Universal windows.
This article describes about the mostly used controls in angular from UI bootstrap toolbox. All of these controls will be supported in most of the advanced browsers (IE 10+, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc).
This article describes about the SPA (Single Page Application) in MVC5 using AngularJS. Angular is a JavaScript frame work and has a powerful data binding mechanism.

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Monitask delivers employee monitoring solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and accountability across your team. Advanced screenshot and activity monitors, as well as time tracking capabilities, keep teams focused on the task at hand.
Hi, I need to calculate revenue by patient by month based on multiple criteria. For example, I have this information on: Patient Name, daily current gross rate, current discount rate, new gross rate, new discount rate, admission date, discharge date, type of rate: per day or per month. With this information I need to calculate the revenue by month using: daily rate * number of da...
Hello NullSkull, since weeks, I fight with the Dotnet.Pearls.Project Datavisualisation.Toolkit. Can you give me a hint how I get a defined PlotArea. This time I use the Chart, but I need it without Axes for: MouseActions like Zoom, dragging the vertical ReferenceLine to a TimeSerie of all LinePoints at one time or Inline Scrollbars. I didn't find a work...
Hi, I want to open a popup not sure how to achieve this and make a call to database to fetch some record. How to do this, some code reference is also appreciated.
foreach (DataRow dr in ds.Tables[0].Rows) { Viewmodel.responsemodel.Add(new responsemodel { Summary = (string)dr["SUMMARY"] ...
Hi - there is VBA on this site to have Excel identify which formulas are slowing down the workbook. Code is below but I don't know how to update it for 64bit. Is there someone who can help with that? Thank You! Option Explicit Private Declare Function getFrequency Lib "kernel32" _ Alias "QueryPerformanceFrequency" (cyFreque...
Hi, I am having quite a few (~500) tables with same name but in different schemas i.e. 1) DWH and 2)REP the column lengths for the above tables should ideally be the same in both the schemas, however that is not the case. How do I write a SQL query that will give all those columns in the above 500 tables for which there is a mismatch in the column lengths. e....
control TVectorWheel PauseStepStyle = VWPS_Dot RailStyle = VWR_SolidRulerIn GearStyle = VWG_None GearTexture = VWGT_HardGlossy CapStyle = VWC_ColorRing PointerStyle = VWP_LongLine VectorOptions = [] GearSize = 0.866134643554687 CapSize = 0.956436157226563 DentSize = 0.0748596191...
Facing a Special Character issue. Normal English characters without a canopy on the letter can be used instead of our local characters: č - c ć - c đ - d š - s ž - z In output file we are getting these canopy letters. after tried changing encoding to UTF-8, This mark (?) is replacing that character instead of normal english l...
VB.NET TCP Client - Server Socket Communications By Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D. This is a very useful code : my requirement is to read the ethernet port from a printing machine from a pc and write it on a text file in the pc , is it possible by modifying the client code or the server code ...
Hello Is there any free tool for sql server like sql assistant or sql complete
I need to convert a SharePoint 2013 list (that has attachments) to a Document Library with Document Sets. I do not have access to SharePoint Designer and I have limited site permissions which might mean no PowerShell or Flow options (one of the perks of working for the government - sigh). I'm only an Intermediate level SP user so I'd need the ...
I have a folder in my MVC application "postedImage" and within the folder are some images. An example output is I need a regex to get only "baby320210704185604.jpg" from the above.
need a schedule for six golfers to play in league foursomes
Hello, Please Help ... Can you recommend a rotation (round robin style???) where; - Six Golfers are placed into teams of three - For play over 6 days - and they play with each player and against each player in the most balanced combination ??? Please and Thanks
I have tried to compile code from this page all I get is error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `UpdateSessionClass' I have no idea what I am doing wrong? Not sure what "Write the below import statement" means should it go at the start of the code? I am currently well out of my depth and any hel...
Bonjour, J’ai téléchargé le logiciel de “Save and restore FlexGrid data in a file when a program starts and stops” J’y ai ajouté un MSFlexGrid nommé “MSFlexGrid1&r...