Windows 7 - Use of libraries

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Libraries are virtual stores of folders that contain the same type of content. Pictures, Videos are best examples. It acts as a one stop place to access all types of files.

To visualize, open windows Explorer. You can see libraries of Pictures, Documents, Videos etc. Look at the number of locations that it has merged at the top. You can add your own folder to a library too.

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Press the Windows key + B to move to the system tray.
Press CTRL + SHIFT + N to create a new folder.
Windows 7 taskbar provides you with an interesting time-saving feature.
Press Windows + P
Windows 7 provides a diagnostic tool called "Problem Steps Recorder". This tool can record your steps to reproduce a problem. The data (mht file) is compressed and saved as a zip file.
Hold the control key and scroll the mouse wheel. This would change the desktop icon sizes.
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