dtSearch Remove Url Or Document From Index Using IndexJob

By Robbe Morris

It only takes a few lines of code to remove a url or document from a dtsearch index.

The documentation for dtSearch gives a very vague set of instructions for deleting urls and files from an index. I really like dtsearch and we use it extensively here at EggHeadCafe. However, their documentation is often vague and some aspects of the API are not particularly clear.

Here's how you perform this simple task. Create a text file that contains one url per line. Then set the ToRemoveListName property with the full path and filename. The ActionRemoveListed = true tell the generic Execute method to remove these urls from the index. The IndexJob will not throw an error if the url doesn't exist in the index. So, if you have multiple indexes that you want to make absolutely sure the offending url no longer exists, you are free to process the same url list against many different dtsearch indexes.

using dtSearch.Engine;

using (var job = new IndexJob())
job.IndexPath = indexPath;
job.ActionRemoveListed = true;
job.ToRemoveListName = @"C:\MyUrlsToRemoveFromDtSearch.txt";
var success = job.Execute();

I would have preferred the API to have a method to remove documents. The property ToRemoveListName is not an obvious property for a filename. Using a couple of properties to drive the internal logic of a generic method named .Execute is not clear to anyone. Just my 3 cents...

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