SQL Server Performance Tuning - QUERY_GOVERNOR_COST_LIMIT option

By Santhosh N

This explains the QUERY_GOVERNOR_COST_LIMIT option for controlling long running queries in the SQL Server.

While working with large databases and if you are required to query for larger datasets of the result, there is every possibility that your query runs for larger amount of time and at times you need to control this for overall better performance of the server.

In this case, you can use QUERY_GOVERNOR_COST_LIMIT option to limit the time you can allow for the query to be executed, failing which an exception is thrown to the client.

You can specify a nonzero and non-negative value which means the execution of the query is disallowed by the query governor if the estimated cost exceeds the value set. Specifying 0, which is default, turns off this option and all the queries are allowed to run without any cost limit.

Where n is the integer value which specifies the longest time a query can run.

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