Visual Studio LightSwitch

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Describes the Visual Studio Lightswitch offering.

Visit Microsoft's webpage on LightSwitch for more information.

Visual Studio LightSwitch is a low-end tool from Microsoft that can build desktop or web-based applications that are a target for small enterprises. LightSwitch aims to handle most of the plumbing activities you do to get quick applications done, leaving you to concentrate on the business decisions.

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You can drag and drop statements in watch window, and the windows will evaluate the statement.
Output Window can be used as a diagnostic tool to figure out what is wrong during a build. It helps you understand the build process to a great extent.
The Development Server, as the name quotes, is only useful for development hosting. Following are the main differences from the web server (IIS)
You can use the Visual Studio's watch window to edit the values of the variables at run time.
The Debug and Release modes affect the size and the speed of the executable files.
Navigate to the method or any object, and press the F12 key. It will take you to the definition of the object.
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