ORA-00000 Error -> Normal Successful Completion

By Santhosh N

This explains the oracle error, ORA-00000 in detail, the possible reason(s) and steps to solve the same in Oracle Database.

Oracle Error: ORA-00000

Description: Normal Successful Completion.

Reason(s) for this Oracle error: This error usually occurs when the database is cloned from existing RAC database and this could be normally found in Oracle RAC environment. This is not a consistent error and no proper reason for this and this also occurs while using OCI programming and while using Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle.

Possible steps to solve this error:
1) One way to stop this error was to disconnect the session and start a new session to complete the task, i.e., exit the SQLPLUS editor and start again.
2) If you receive this error from ASP while connecting to Oracle, check these for resolution steps

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