ASP.NET SEO - Permanet Redirect to pages

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ASP.Net 4.0 introduces the new SEO technique called "Response.RedirectPermanent"

This method uses the 301 httpresonse code indicating the resource has been permanently moved to a new location. This is search-engine friendly.

Response.RedirectPermanent("", false);

Related FAQs

Use the Override versions of the page methods instead of thedefault page methods. This would ensure that the .Net runtime does not have to invoke delegates.
Use the "UrlReferrer" property of the Request object to retrieve the previous page url.
Use the "IsSecureConnection" property of the HttpRequest object to find if a Request is from a HTTP or HTTPS connection
You can check the contenttype of the request, and figure out if the request is an JSon request
This error most widely occurs due to a corrupt temporary file. You can clean the solution, delete the temporary files and rebuild your solution.
Use the Proxy property of the Http Web Request to specify proxy.
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