What is superfetch?

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Microsoft's new operating systems have a new feature that pre loads the data into RAM cache. This ensures that the applications are loa ded pretty fast. This is available in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Right-click the taskbar, choose "Customize notification icons". Click on "Turn system icons on or off". Choose the "Off" behavior for Clock Icon. Click Ok.
Use the Install button in the Font Viewer to install a font.
If you need to open a new instance of the application, just hold shift and click on the item in the taskbar. You can even do a middle click on the item in the taskbar to open a new instance.
The windows on the taskbar are numbered from 1. To open a second window in the task bar, press Windows + 2
Libraries are virtual stores of folders that contain the same type of content. Pictures, Videos are best examples. It acts as a one stop place to access all types of files.
Press the Windows key + B to move to the system tray.
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