Convert an XML string into a Dataset

By Ken Fitzpatrick

The following code will convert a string of XML into a Dataset, as long as the XML is structured like a dataset in that it has a collection of tables which contain a collection of rows which contain a collection of columns. The second parameter is the path/filename of a schema file (XSL) which will help out with relationships between tables or if datatypes must be preserved. Passing an empty string as the SchemaFile pathname will cause the function to Infer the Schema automatically.

    Public Shared Function XMLToDataSet(ByVal xmlStr As String, ByVal schemaFile As String) As DataSet
        'Convert the XML to a dataset
        Dim sr As New StringReader(xmlStr)

        'Convert xmlData to a Dataset
        Dim ds As New DataSet

        If schemaFile = String.Empty Then
            ds.ReadXml(sr, XmlReadMode.InferSchema)
            ds.ReadXml(sr, XmlReadMode.ReadSchema)
        End If

        For Each relation As DataRelation In ds.Relations
            For Each c As DataColumn In relation.ParentColumns
                If Not relation.ChildTable.Columns.Contains(c.ColumnName) Then
                End If
                For Each dr As DataRow In relation.ChildTable.Rows
                    dr(c.ColumnName) = dr.GetParentRow(relation)(c.ColumnName)

        Return ds
    End Function

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