How to Make a Good Forum Post

By Peter Bromberg

From time to time we get forum posts that consist only of a poorly formed subject with no body text. Generally we delete these as they only serve to confuse and annoy readers.

A good forum post has the following components:

1) A Subject that clearly  summarizes what the problem is. Subjects get indexed by search engines and help people find your post.
2) A body text that describes in detail what it is that you need help with. If it is a coding problem, example code should be posted  - "Just  enough" for the readers to be able to figure out an answer to your problem. If your post has no body text, it is subject to being deleted by the moderators.
3) Avoid "cute" buzzwords lile "plzzzz" and "Urgent". They mark your post as unprofessional. It's more likely to be ignored than responded to.
4)  Do not "Multiple post" the same message in different topics. All new posts show up on our main page; there is no need to post your question more than once.
5) No spam! If you post on eggheadcafe and it's not related to programming or an of our other broad topics, we may not only delete the post - we'll delete the account.

Thanks for co-operating!

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