Differences between IIS and Visual Studio .NET Development Server

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The Development Server, as the name quotes, is only useful for development hosting. Following are the main differences from the web server (IIS)

a) The Development Server does not support SSL. IIS does.
b) The Development Server serves the ASP.Net pages with the currently logged on user, where as the IIS serves the pages with a specific machine account
c) The Development server invokes the ASP.Net runtime to serve static files like JS. However, IIS invokes ASP.Net runtime only for web page or a webservice.

Related FAQs

Use the Override versions of the page methods instead of thedefault page methods. This would ensure that the .Net runtime does not have to invoke delegates.
Use this code snippet to find url's in a string.
The primary differenct between ASP and ASP.NET is that the former is code that is interpreted by a Script Engine and the latter is a compiled code running on a web server.
The entire IIS metabase information is now in a xml file called "ApplicationHost.config". You can find this file in C:\Windows\System32\InetSrv\config folder.
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