Oracle Number Value in Words

By ruzaib khan

Display the number value in Words

select sal, (to_char(to_date(sal,'j'), 'jsp'))
from emp;

the output like,

--------- -----------------------------------------------------
      800 eight hundred
     1600 one thousand six hundred
     1250 one thousand two hundred fifty

If you want to add some text like,
Rs. Three Thousand only.

select sal  "Salary ", (' Rs. '|| (to_char(to_date(sal,'j'), 'Jsp'))|| ' only.')) "Sal in Words" from emp

Salary  Sal in Words
------- ------------------------------------------------------
    800  Rs. Eight Hundred only.
   1600  Rs. One Thousand Six Hundred only.
   1250  Rs. One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty only.

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