Upcoming Microsoft MVP Summit 2012

By Peter Bromberg

Each year, Microsoft hosts the MVP Summit for thousands of Microsoft MVP's (Most Valuable Professionals) worldwide at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. I've been fortunate to be re-nominated as an MVP each year since 2004, and I have never failed to get my butt to a summit each year.

The Summit - for me -- is primarily more of a social event. I wouldn't miss a chance in the world to be able to meet up with my peers and friends who work at Microsoft -- some of whom I may not have seen in several years, for anything. If I didn't have the money to go, I'd find it somehow. That's how important it is to me.

But more importantly, it's a chance for MVPs to find out -- in depth -- about new Microsoft technologies and platforms. Much of this is covered by an NDC - Non - Disclosure  agreement, which is a double-edged sword. You get to preview and find out about all kinds of new stuff - but at the same time - you're forbidden to talk about it!

This year, we have Windows 8, which is shaping up to be an absolutely awesome new OS, with new versions of SQL Server and Visual Studio 11 as well. Preview releases of these platforms just whet your whistle. Windows 8 Public Beta is going to be released just before this year's Summit, only increasing the excitement.

The greatest thing about these Summit meetings (besides the parties, free beer and food!) is that you can choose your "curriculum" from a host of intensive programmer workshops and tailor it to your personal relevant interests. Then, you go back into the community and do your MVP "thing" - which is to help others get a handle on these technologies and platforms. For me, it's mostly been writing articles on eggheadcafe.com, the developer site I started with MVP partner Robbe Morris in 2000. But I've also made presentations at user groups and participate in forum discussions on sites like ASP.NET and Stackoverflow.com

In sum, it's a great program and I hope to be able to bring back new information to share with and help other .NET developers -- because sharing is what it's all about.

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