Skip and Take in Linq to Sql in VB.Net

By bryan tugade

We could get specific rows in the database table by skip and take using Linq to Sql. Here is the sample code.

Imports system.Linq

Partial Class _Default
    Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

  Private Sub GetData(ByVal iSkip As Integer, ByVal itake As Integer)
        Dim sqldatacontext = New linqtosqlclassDataContext

         Dim data = (From product In sqldatacontext.Products Where Product.Color = "Black" Skip iSkip Take itake Select product)

        GridView1.DataSource = data

    End Sub

End Class

Use the AdventureWorks as the sample database. Just call the sub procedure and pass an integer to its parameter.
i.e. GetData(5,10) where 5 is the rows that you want to skip and 10 is the row that you only wanted to show in the result.

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