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Asked By Peter Bromberg on 11-Sep-06 11:47 AM
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Cross Domain Cookie Solution - Nagaraj muthuchamy replied to Peter Bromberg on 23-Jul-08 06:16 AM


Do you have any idea to set and access the cookies across multiple domains using javascript?

I am using jquery.js.



Cookies only work in the domain where they were written. - Peter Bromberg replied to Nagaraj muthuchamy on 23-Jul-08 07:25 AM

if you want to share cookie-like data across domains, you'll need to look at other solutions.

Google Account and Youtube - Nagaraj muthuchamy replied to Peter Bromberg on 23-Jul-08 07:44 AM

Do you have any idea on Google account cookie is being used by youtube?

Is there anything to do with server side code.

Source not getting open while debugging JS with Microsoft Script debugger
vishakha kadam replied to Peter Bromberg on 05-Dec-08 03:14 PM

Hi Peter,

I'm trying to debug a .js file with microsoft script debugger tool. I get the pop up for asking "Do you want to debug?" with options yes and no. When i clicked yes, it dont give me the source of the page and hence i cant debug the .js

I've verifed that Disable Script Debugging options in the Advanced of Tools of IE are unchecked.

I also reinstalled the microsoft debugger. But it didnt solve the problem i'm facing.

Please advice.

You can debug client script with Visual Studio - Peter Bromberg replied to vishakha kadam on 05-Dec-08 06:55 PM
no need to use the much older script debugger. Just set a breakpoint in the script and as you mentioned, uncheck the "Disable debugging" in IE advanced.