Visual Studio .NET - Send SMS via GPRS modem - Asked By Anju Thomas on 28-Jan-07 02:20 AM


I want to send sms in 2003  using vbcode with help of GPRS modem .When  i did a search in this site and other site i didnt get a clear answer in 2003 all the solutions were provided in 2.o and when i tried to do that in 2003 version its not working.

I am in great need to send sms thru 2003 .i wanted an option to automate the process of sending sms that is to  schedule before hand and then send sms is it possible .

Please help me

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I Hope this will help - Atef Sahloul replied to Anju Thomas on 29-Jan-07 12:40 PM


you remind me about one of projects I had while i was university student . but it was in JAVA . anyway I have a good link for you , it might help you .

here is the link : 

good luck

Re :: Send SMs via GPRS Modem - SP replied to Anju Thomas on 29-Nov-08 07:18 AM

See the following article to send sms via GPRS modem

Hope this helps.