Visual Studio .NET - How to style a drop-down list using css?

Asked By kunal mukherjee on 22-Feb-07 06:31 AM

Hi All

         How can I style a drop-down list as the following link using CSS.

For text box and textareas the concept is clear. But please help me for the dro down list.

Which drop down list? - Robert Stanton replied to kunal mukherjee on 22-Feb-07 06:45 AM

I don't see any drop down list oon that page.

If you are refering to the Quick Links item, that actually isn't a drop down list. It is just a . Label drawn to have a border and a little down arrow. That would be faily simply. Have a div tag, give it the border and geta  arrow image. Then you could use the ajax popup extender to make the other div tag with the selectable items appear

Sushila Patel replied to kunal mukherjee on 22-Feb-07 08:24 PM

If you want different style for different items then you can check if the sample helps