Visual Studio .NET - What is the best way to modify report ( .rdl ) within c# winform app

Asked By Rob Dob on 28-Feb-07 03:14 PM


I have several reports within my c# winform application, I need to be able to give the user the ability to make minor modifications to some of these reports prior to running them.  Currently I am making use of both .rdl and .rdlc reports within my application.  the modifications that the user needs to be able to make are minor, usually they just need to change some static text within the page.  What is the easist way for me to accomplish giving the user this ability.  I have researched the ssrs rebuilder but that seems confusing,

Looking forward to your suggestions, Thanks in advance...

try this...... - S Sason replied to Rob Dob on 07-Mar-07 03:26 AM

You can  modify the XML  and then save the report file.  You can also add fields to your report and use report's API to change it.

accessing .RDL files - sundar k replied to Rob Dob on 08-Mar-07 07:57 AM

since rdl file format is similar to XML format, you can use XML DOM objects to load RDL and change the values dynamically using that,

check this post about accessing and manipulating .rdl file using .net ,

hope it helps!