Visual Studio .NET - export to tally - Asked By cool mugil on 13-Mar-07 06:21 AM


  i am using sql server 2000 as my there any way to upload(export) data from sql server to tally 7.2 and vice versa.please give me suggestions and links.

thanks in advance

Exporting data from Tally - mv ark replied to cool mugil on 13-Mar-07 07:36 AM

Check these links -

Exporting data from Tally -

RTSlink is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that facilitates exchange of data between Tally and your Application -

Linking your Software with Tally -

import/export from tally - sundar k replied to cool mugil on 13-Mar-07 09:30 AM

Tally allows users to Import and Export in ASCII, SDF and XML formats. XML is now the most widely used format of exporting data in the world. Any transactions can be exported from Tally and imported in other software after suitably altering the current structures to accept Tally data structure.

The reverse is also possible by writing a small TDL program to accept the data from other softwares. The data that is to be imported into Tally can be in either XML or DBF format.


Tally is now ODBC compliant. Hence, any program like MS-Excel, Oracle etc that is ODBC compliant can use data from Tally. Here, data connectivity is dynamic i.e. any new updation in Tally is reflected in other ODBC Compliant Software immediately. Now, with ODBC facility the user can extract data out of Tally and design his own report formats in other ODBC compliant software's.

Procedure for this:

Now, Load Company -> specify period -> minimize Tally -> Open a new Excel file -> select data -> select Get External Data -> select New database query -> choose Data Source

Tally connects to data source and displays Tally Wizard query screen -> select the columns you would want to include in the query.

Once all the columns are selected, the user returns to excel and excel displays all the columns selected

Tally Integration - Rajeev Singh replied to sundar k on 30-Sep-07 06:24 PM

Use RTSlink DLL to integrate your applications with Tally Software. Get more information at
Tally Integration using RTSlink DLL - Rajeev Singh replied to cool mugil on 30-Sep-07 06:32 PM
You can upload data to Tally and retrieve data from Tally Software using RTSlink DLL.

Visit for more details

Tally Integration - selvaraj narasingam replied to Rajeev Singh on 19-Feb-09 09:20 PM

 Integrate any custom application with Tally
 No need of XML knowledge
 Easy to integrate
 Developers friendly APIs
 Post data from any number of clients
 Clearly built components with easy understanding methods and properties
 Complete help kit.
 Best for RAD tools (Visual Basic, .Net, etc...)
 Online support