Visual Studio .NET - how to insert serial no in report.rdlc

Asked By imran khan on 15-Mar-07 07:24 AM

Dear all,

 i am making web application using , C# and sql2000.

i have prepared a report in local mode that is report.rdlc

i want to know how can i insert serial no for row number.

please help


use RowNumber(Scope) function - sundar k replied to imran khan on 15-Mar-07 08:47 AM

An expression containing the RowNumber function, when used in a text box within a data region, displays the row number for each instance of the text box in which the expression appears. This function can be useful to number rows in a table.

Try using RowNumber(Scope) function to display the row numbers. If scope is nothing then RowNumber(Nothing) provides the running count of rows in the outermost data region.

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Sasikumar replied to imran khan on 19-Jan-11 01:30 AM
Very  useful...Thank you So much.....