C# .NET - Should i write the Dispose method for user defined class explicitly?

Asked By Nagaraj muthuchamy on 25-Sep-07 03:01 AM
Should we write the dispose method for user defined class?
How the clr disposes user defined class objects?

thank you

You only need to implement IDisposable - Peter Bromberg replied to Nagaraj muthuchamy on 25-Sep-07 07:38 AM

When there is some non-managed reference to dispose - database connections, file handles, and so on -- or if you have a reference to a library that implements IDisposable.

Most user-defined classes DO NOT need to implement IDisposable.

I got it - Nagaraj muthuchamy replied to Peter Bromberg on 25-Sep-07 08:20 AM

thank you very much , I got it