Windows Server - VPN connected, no resources & cannot ping sever?

Asked By Lee Taylor on 17-May-08 09:20 AM

Can anyone help me?

I was called into a SBS2003 installation for a new customer who had failed miserably to setup his server for the first time.

I was originally called as VPN was not working where I found out that they had taken the server out the box and was not actually performing and functions.

The server had originally obtained its IP address from the existing router. This was later changed to a static IP address and the router DHCP server then disabled. I had to create a DHCP server on the box where all was working fine including the VPN until one day they decided to plug another router in and it all started going wrong.

The VPN connects no problem, but once connected I cannot ping any address on the network and it is behaving like there is a problem with DNS. I cannot see anything obvious other than the DNS server claiming to be smallbusiness.local yet the DHCP is starserver.local

Could it be that they are not binded?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


Check Proxy Server Settings for the VPN - Aravind Kumar replied to Lee Taylor on 18-May-08 11:49 PM

It might be due the different proxy settings the VPN would use. Please check whether there are any and modify it in the internet settings.